Combat 52 Calibur vs Anderson Ignite XS

Two popular BBCOR baseball bats at the moment seem to be the Combat 52 Caliber and the Anderson Ignite XS models. But which is better? Below we look at a review for each.

One of the most popular bats of the 2012 season was the Combat 52 Caliber BBCOR. With an incredibly large sweet spot, and a nice light swing weight, many hitters were improving their games in huge amounts simply by using the 52 Caliber.

Most people who used this bat in league play found the swing produced by the Combat 52 Caliber to be exceptional. Many hitters indicated that they felt fully in control of the bat and could really tell when they hit the perfect pitch. With a great amount of pop and the large sweet spot, I am certain that you will start swinging over outstretched gloves much more often.

What makes the 52 Caliber better than the rest?

  • One piece design
  • Large Sweet spot

For many hitters, the increased power (like the a2000 dp15) and distanced combined with the nice fluid swing is enough. But there are many other things that make this bat so popular. This section will review all of these import features.

  • Localized Stiffening – What many hitters complain about when using a BBCOR bat is how different it feels when compared to regular aluminum used bats. In order to comply to BBCOR standards while giving a composite feeling, Combat has added Localized Stiffening to this bat.
  • Single Wall – In most cases, especially with the Combat 52 Caliber, the amount of power and distance you will get is much greater when using a single wall instead of a multi-wall constructed bat.
  • Advanced Interior – Using advanced fiber and composite technologies, the interior is built primarily for launching as many homeruns as possible.
  • Low swing weight – As many top level hitters will attest, a low swing weight will provide a much more powerful swing.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Would we recommend this bat?

The Combat 52 Caliber BBCOR baseball bat is one of the better power bats and was highly reviewed during the 2012 season. We so many positive reviews, we would recommend you give this bat a shot.

The Anderson Ignite XS BBCOR bat is a perfect bat for those heavy hitters looking for a more reactive balanced swing speed. This bat features a large sweet spot area giving it an incredible amount of pop with each and every swing.

One of the more popular bats of the past few years has been the classic single wall design made by Anderson. The Ignite XS is a complete redesign of the previous popular model and has been modernized to include all of the top features required by the best hitters. On this page we will overview the top features that other hitters have found and provide the cost and sizes available.

Major Features of the Ignite XS

  • 2 5/8 inch barrel
  • Single wall design

The Anderson Ignite XS has many great features to make the power hitter happy.

  • More Efficient shape- The new shape of the Ignite XS is designed to increase the Moment of Inertia meaning you can take those off speed pitches yard with much more ease. The increased MOI allows you to swing faster with less effort.
  • New full metal alloy – The new alloy added to this heavy hitter provides more strength while maintaining a light balanced swing speed.
  • Large EHA – With a larger effective hitting area, you can expect to hit long bombs all day long.
  • TruFlex end cap – Using Anderson’s patented Truflex end cap, this bat eliminates vibrations as much as possible and provide more strength to the barrel area.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

More Thoughts

The Anderson Ignite XS can currently be purchased for less than $200 and comes in the following sizes: 31 in/28 ounces, 32 in/29 ounces, 33 in/30 ounces, and 34 in/31 ounces. There have been great reviews so far from hitters using the bat who have comments on how durable it is, how much power they receive, and how much their swings have improved. For high level high school and collegiate play we definitely recommend the Anderson Ignite XS BBCOR bat.

Our top BBCOR bats for 2013

Welcome to our page dedicated to providing you with an Easton XL2 BBCOR review. This review will go over what we feel are the best features of the bat, a little bit of discussion on the price point and if we would recommend the bat. For the purposes of this review we are reviewing the 2013 version of the Easton XL2 BB13X2.

The XL2 comes from the popular line of BBCOR bats offered by Easton. Easton has divided their most popular models into two different user groups: those looking for more swing speed, and those looking for more weight on the swing. The XL2 is perfect for those who need a little extra push of power.

Main features of the XL2

  • Increased power potential
  • Longer barrel

Easton is one of the more popular brands available on the baseball field. You would be very hard pressed to go to any game and not see one piece of equipment made by Easton. The reason for this is simple: quality and affordability. Easton builds their bats, such as the XL2 BB13X2, with care and can always be considered as an upgrade.

  • Increased contact – The 2013 Easton XL2 comes with an elongated barrel give you a larger hitting surface. This obviously translates into more contact with the ball and an easier time of hitting those line drives, hard doubles and homers.
  • Two piece design – This bat comes with a two-piece construction design. The major advantage this provides is for players who like the trampoline bouncing effect when making contact.
  • High Quality barrel – The barrel of the XL2 uses Easton’s THT100 alloy. This scandium alloy allows the 2012 version to have the large sweetspot you expect but still be resistant to denting and cracking.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our Analysis

This bat is perfect for those in between players that are on the cusp of becoming competitive players. At $219 (regular $299), this bat is priced much better than the XL1 and really the only different material used between the barrel and handle. With the increase in mass during your swing, we have no doubt that you will achieve huge results from the Easton XL2 BBCOR bat.

This page is dedicated to our Demarini Versus BBCOR bat review. Demarini is one of the most popular brands when it comes to producing baseball and softball bats and the 2012 version of the Versus DXVSC is another great one. Many of these bats can run you over $300, but the Versus has been priced under $200 and still meets the demands of most players.

Finding a high quality BBCOR bat for under $200 is not that easy, but we feel this review will outline the strongest points associated to it. Some hitters that have used the Versus however have indicated that they feel less pop and find the swing a bit heavier than some of the other Demarini models.

Benefits of the Versus

  • Advanced Alloy
  • Larger sweetspot

From what we have learned so far (from, you either love the Demarini Versus or you hate it. In our personal test we found that the bat provided great value for the price being paid. But for some others, they felt it lacked power and suggested looking elsewhere. Below are the main benefits associated to this bat:

  • Unique barrel – The Versus uses a distinctive shape which provides hitters with a longer hitting surface while still providing the full 2 5/8 diameter barrel. For line drive hitters this is very helpful.
  • Great energy transfer – Using a patented SC4 alloy throughout the barrel and handle, the DXVSC has been built to provide hitters with a great energy transfer from the handle all the way to the end of the barrel.
  • Durable – Because of the unique construction process and the thicker walls, the Versus promises to be one of the more durable BBCOR bat available.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Would we recommend?

Although not our top choice when it comes to BBCOR bats, we do feel there is plenty of upside to the Versus, especially when it will cost you under $200. Demarini is one of the top brands around and we completely trust what they have to offer. However if you are considered with the lack of positive reviews in relation to the bats power, we highly suggest you look into the CF5 as well to compare.

Great bats for little league players

Below we look at what I think are three great choices for little league baseball bats.

Louisville Slugger MLB225YB Youth Wood Bat
HOMERUN softball bats Softball Bat reviewsEveryone who has ever even thought about buying a baseball bat has heard of a Louisville Slugger. This is due to the fact that Louisville has been making incredible bats for more than 120 years. The MLB225YB is made of Northern White Ash Wood which is pound per pound the strongest timber available. 2¼ inch diameter makes it legal for use in most youth leagues. Some of the main features that make the MLB225YB Youth Wood Bat such a great bat are listed below.
● Durable with lighter weight – This bat is made of Ash wood which allows it to be a stronger bat while being of a lighter weight.
● Excellent Sweet Spot – Ash is a flexible wood that allows for a more forgiving sweet spot which mean it will be much less likely to crack this bat than other wood bats.
● Excellent Price – SInce Louisville has remained so popular they have been able to provide consumers with both quality and a very reasonable price.

Material: Wood
Length to Weight Ratio: -4 to -5
Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch
Sizes available: 26in, 27 in, 28 in, 29 in, 30 in and 31in

Recommended For:
The MLB225 bat is perfect for young players who do not like the feel and vibration of an aluminum bat. It will also help any and all young players to build strength and achieve a perfect technique.

Easton 2013 YB13X1 XL1
These days Easton is one of the most popular brands of bats you will see in many little league dugouts; with a variety of materials, prices and groundbreaking new designs it is no surprise so many players are going the Easton direction. The YB13X1 XL1 offers a two piece extra long composite design, an ultra thin composite handle with a diamond grip, and a diameter width that is legal in most little leagues.

● Optimized Sweet Spot – Between the IMX Composite barrel and the extra long barrel this bat provides one of the best sweet spots in the business
● Two piece composite design – This two piece patented design allows for great feel and low vibration with maximum energy transfer.
● 2” Longer Barrel – This bat’s barrel is 2” longer than the Easton S1 giving an obvious advantage and allowing for a comfortable -10 ounce length to weight ratio.

Material: Composite
Length to Weight Ratio: -10 ounces
Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch
Sizes available: 26in/18oz

Recommended For:
The Easton 2013 YB13X1 XL1 is am amazing bat for serious little league player who are not quite reaching their full hitting potential with an old aluminum bat.

Phoenix K455 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat
While Phoenix bats may not be a household name the K455 has some features that make it an ideal youth wood bat. The -8 ounce length to weight ratio makes it easy to be handled by children of all sizes and skill levels. The K455 is a maple bat which is a harder wood with causes it to be more stiff and give it more of an aluminum feel with all the benefits of a wood bat.

● Custom Colors – This bat is two toned and you can pick them both. What kid doesn’t want to choose what color their bat will be. School colors, team colors, favorite colors? The Phoenix K455 offers combinations of them all.
● Adult like design – The bat is designed like an adult bat but with the weight and length of a youth bat. It is weighted toward the barrel, with a nearly straight handle.
● Very solid bat – This bat is made out of maple wood which makes it very solid and gives players the same ‘pop’ in their hits as a composite bat.

Material: Maple Wood
Length to Weight Ratio: -8 ounces
Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch
Sizes available: 25in, 26in, 27in, 28in, 29in, 30in and 31in

Recommended For:
Due to it’s strength light weight and availability in many length the K455 is a perfect bat for a young player who is interested in switching over to a wood baseball bat. It is also wonderful who young players who already use bats but are looking for the ultimate customization options.

Getting More Familiar with Baseball and Baseball Products

Baseball has been one of the favorite sports of men and women these days. Aside from thrills and excitements in the baseball field, many are seriously into this to improved their skills and eventually become better players.

In fact, there are some who want to become professional baseball players. If this is what you truly desire, you can do so but keep in mind that you have to practice really hard in order to obtain the right speed, precision and skill. These are factors that can help you beat your opponents successfully.

Men, women, and children are now flocking on baseball fields to enjoy this particular type of sport. But, before players set their foot on the playing field, they must be wearing the right outfit and equipped with the needed gear. The following baseball products are essential to achieve a safe and successful game:

Baseball Bats
These are one of the crucial requirements when playing the game. Without these, it would be impossible to start with the sport since bats are the tools for hitting the ball thrown by another player, making points and garnering scores. Baseball bats come in different styles, designs, and materials. Players are advised to choose the bat with great durability and hard-hitting surface. There is a standard measurement for baseball bats and as player you need to comply with this especially if you are joining official tournaments and competitions.

Baseball Pants
Baseball pants are also necessary items when playing baseball and this entail several advantages for baseball player wearing this. One of the benefits of baseball pants is that it offers a uniformed look to the team. When teams are wearing baseball pants or uniforms, it becomes easy for them to discern teammates and opponents. Baseball pants also protect the legs of players against heat while the game is in progress. These also safeguard them against injuries caused by slides.

Baseball Shoes
Players are not advised to play baseball wearing their regular sneakers. They need the right baseball shoes with better thread and traction. Failure to wear the recommended baseball shoes might result to bruises brought by frequent slides and trips. As much as possible wear sturdy baseball shoes with sharp studs. Aside from better traction, comfort is also an important factor to think about when choosing baseball shoes.

Baseball Gloves
Baseball gloves are usually larger leather gloves worn by players. These assist them when fielding or catching balls thrown by playmates. Baseball gloves also provide protection to players against the intense impact of throws.

Baseball Helmets
Baseball helmets are protective headgear worn by baseball players. These intend to protect the head against errant pitches that are usually thrown by the pitcher. These helmets are crafted utilizing the most durable and premium quality materials to ensure utmost safety and protection of players.

Playing baseball is an exciting and pleasurable activity but make sure that you will not put your life at risk. Baseball equipment is just as important as it always has been but with so many improvements to technology who knows what else will come around? Who knows maybe you’ll be able to use Wifi just like this baby monitor: Accidents in the playing field are inevitable. So, to protect yourself, consider using these baseball products.

Baseball Equipment Bags

Even if most individual think that the important gear required to play the baseball game are baseball bat, baseball glove and others, baseball equipment bags could also play a significant role in terms of playing the game. Without the use appropriate equipment bag, it is east to damage, lose or damage your precious baseball equipments causing you to have a compromised game. There are several options available in terms of selecting the right baseball equipment bags.

Baseball equipment bag is imperative for athletes and amateur players who always carrying baseball gear every time there’s a game. You can find various styles and sizes of baseball bags that you can select according to your personal option. The standard kind of equipment bags are usually lightweight with neck strap that can be amended and has a cushion to provide the comfort. The size of baseball bags that you need to select depends on the amount of baseball equipment you wish to carry. There are baseball bag that is only intended for baseball bat, but there are some bags that can carry additional baseball equipments like mobile phones, cleats, balls and gloves as well as i-Pads or even money. You can also find baseball bags with special pockets for you to keep imperative equipments.

Backpack baseball equipment bag is created with similarity to typical backpacks. On the other hand, most are especially design with special slot to hold baseball bats. This style is an ideal way for you to have peace of mind that everything you need is already in one bag. Baseball bag are usually made of canvas or nylon. Even if nylon bags are very affordable as compared than canvas they are less sturdy than the broader canvas material. This backpack style bags are also available in several sizes, styles and features. You just have to select, which is the best one you think you may need.

Another type of baseball bags are rolling style baseball. These bags are actually equipped with small wheels, so that it is easier for you to carry heavy or large amount of equipments for baseball. This kind of bag is usually comes with handle that you can fold or put in a particular storage. The wheels are excellent if you need to travel and it is also useful for any kind of surfaces and terrains. Rolling baseball bags are also available in various sizes and designs that you can choose. You can select the right one according to your requirements or needs.

The travel baseball equipment bag is another option if you need to travel to another town or city to play baseball. They are also available in various sizes, designs and features. You have to choose the right size of travel baseball equipment bag applicable for your needs and requirements.

To assure that your baseball equipments including bags are always clean, be sure to use the right vacuum applicable for sports equipments. If they are clean you can have peace of mind that they can last for years. To find one specifically for pet hair (cats and dogs), please check out the following resources:

We hope you have learned quite a bit about the best style of bags for baseball!